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What Are Medigap Policies?

Medigap policies also referred to as Medicare Supplement Insurance, are crafted to bridge the coverage gaps that Original Medicare may leave behind. These policies are governed by federal and state laws meticulously crafted to safeguard your interests. Each Medigap policy is unmistakably labeled as “Medicare Supplement Insurance,” ensuring clarity for consumers. In many states, insurance companies are only authorized to offer “standardized” policies, each identified by a unique letter.

Standardization of Medigap Policies

While all Medigap policies provide the same fundamental benefits, some go above and beyond with additional coverage options. This flexibility empowers individuals to select the policy that aligns best with their personal healthcare needs. It’s worth noting that in Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and Minnesota, alternate standardization methods are applied for Medigap policies.

Insurance Company Roles

Insurance companies play a vital role in the Medigap landscape. They decide which Medigap policies to offer, although state laws may influence their selections. For example, it’s not mandatory for insurance companies to offer every Medigap plan, but if they offer any, they must also provide Medigap Plan A. Additionally, carriers are typically required to offer either Plan C or Plan F. Medigap policies generally cover coinsurance after the deductible has been met, with some exceptions depending on the specific policy.

Here are some key rules that govern insurance carriers selling Medigap policies:

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